Friday, June 30, 2017

How Jamaica Almost Sank

I have heard about it, but I couldn’t feel it: the greatness of Jamaican Reggae Icon, Bob Marley. It was until 1998 after I had watched a video of his song, One Drop. Something happened while I watched the video. It was like magic, but it happened. 

 I started collecting his works and listening, and I came to the conclusion that the greatest of his albums is Uprising. After listening to songs like Pimper’s Paradise, We and Them, Forever Loving, Could you be Loved, I started wondering how it was in Jamaica when the album came out. To me, it seemed that when the album was released, it was too heavy for the island, making to wobble back and forth, like a ship about to sink.

I came to the conclusion that, for those who doubted that Bob Marley was the King, the release of that album must have changed their positions.
There is something awesome and extraordinary about Bob Marley and plays up clearly on that album. 

 Sadly, it takes the right ears and mind to understand it. 

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