Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob Marley Lives On

Bob Marley
On May 11, 2011, Bob Marley’s Day was again celebrated around the world. On that day in 1981, the Jamaican Reggae song writer and singer passed on to Zion after a battle with caner.

This year, 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of his death. Despite the long period, the hysteria surrounding his name has never shown any sign of diminishing thus underscoring his legendary position on our planet and justifying his royal regal place as the King of Reggae.

The eulogy surrounding the personality of Bob Marley weren’t illogical. They are comments that were stirred by the influence of his music on all who love and listen to the music. Marley made his music with forethought. He wanted music that will be relevant in generations to come but as it turned out, the music will eternally remain luminous. When one plays the music of his contemporaries, he hears certain elements that remind him that the music belongs to the past. As far as this is concerned, Bob’s music stood in contrast. This is in addition to the political, racial and spiritual messages he sang about. The political, racial and spiritual challenges of his time are still with us today and explain why children of centuries to come will continue to communicate with his music.

The folks of the world belong to different social groups such that while pastors belong to one end, rude boys like Bob Marley, by virtue of their lifestyles, belonged to the other extreme of the spectrum. Music played any individual is reflective of the social range he belongs to. In his music, Bob Marley was able to create a crossbred of a pastor and a rude boy in his music. When one listens to the song, “We and Them,” he understands that the instrumentation is typically that of a ruthless and conscious-minded person. In the song, Marley finds common place with the clergy in the lyrics.

We no know how we and them are go work it out

Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood

That they shade everyday

Oh children mark my word

Is what they Bible say


In the beginning Jah (God) created everything

He gave man dominion over all things

But now is too late

You see men have lost their faith

Eating up all the flesh from off the earth

The exotic feel in Marley’s music is one that accentuated his towering ingenuity, creativity and originality. Bob Marley’s music will eternally continue to have a strong influence on our lives and that of our great grant children. Thus Bob Marley will continue to live on. Yes, Rastas never die.