Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bank-W Makes Up for J-Town

Following the Jos crisis of January 17, 2010 we learnt that one of the boys that have made us proud in Jos by successfully taking his music efforts to the national level, M-I, was to come to Jos to donate relief material to victims of the Jos crisis. But he wasn’t coming alone. It was said that he was going to come with some other big names from the Nigerian music industry, one of the world’s most dynamic music industries. Among these artists, we were told, was Bank-W. We were delighted that one of Nigeria’s biggest was coming to Jos. At the end of it we were however disappointed as M-I’s delegation did not include Banky-W. The feeling was that the artist failed to identify with us. My personal feeling at the end of the day was that the artist was on his own.

Today however, I woke up to hear a music presenter with Rhythm FM Jos talking about a record Banky has made and it is titled ‘why.’ The artist explained that it was a question regarding the fighting in Jos. He then played the record. I listened to it and concluded that Banky has made up for his failure to come to J-town at long last.

The record makes reference to the regions of Nigeria and the blessings God has deposited in each of them and wonders why we choose to fight all the time rather than take full advantage of the resources to make the nation a better one. The record conveys some sad emotion and reflects the subject at hand. It also was replete with the Nigerian parlance ensuring that the Nigerian identity is not ignored.

I enjoyed it and accepted it as a compensation for the failure of Banky to come to J-town. We look forward to a Banky show in J-town and hope it will happen anytime soon.