Monday, December 12, 2016

Tuface: The Greatest African Lyricist of all time

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Over the past decade and half, Tuface Idibia, the Nigerian Afro Hip-hop/ R &B superstar star, has been in the minds of millions of African music fans. For many of us, enjoying music boils down to savoring the melody and the rhythm, without worrying about the lyrics. This is largely how many of us have appreciated Tuface’s music: without heeding his messages. It amounts to wasting so much of what his music has to offer. Paying a keen attention to the lyrics of his music would compel one to see an ignored, yet powerful element of his music, and appreciate the rightful place of the artist.
When we talk of outstanding lyrics, what are we looking at? We are looking at the depth of wisdom tied to it, the intricacy of rhyming and the emotion that spills out of it.

After my computer crashed, I lost all the music files I had stored in it. With a new PC, I had to repeat the ripping, sorting and storing of the music files. It was while doing this that I gave Tuface’s music another scrutiny. Amazed by the lyrics, I was compelled to begin looking at the Nigerian music setting to see if there are others like him. I couldn’t find any. I then proceeded across the border to other nations on the continent. To make my work easy, I thought of his contemporaries, artists who had contested awards with him (I recalled he had always scooped the awards whenever he was nominated). Doing this, I came to the conclusion that there is none like him on the continent as well.  Also looking backwards, I came to the decision that there, also, was none like him even in the years behind.  Believe me, Tuface is the greatest African lyricist of all time!

Check out some of the lyrics

If you know any African who stands ahead of him, do not hesitate to call my attention (+2348032982190).