Monday, February 15, 2016

Secularism is the Ultimate Teacher

Aim your knowledge to where you mind points!
I have decided to print and market my book, How to Become a Music Maestro, myself. Only then did I understand what it means to market a book yourself. I reached bookshops that refused to buy, preferring to accept copies and pay only after selling. It was the same with newspaper vendors who displayed copies of the book, side-by-side, with newspapers. 

Each time I checked the bookshops to see how many have been sold, I get something like N1000 for the few copies sold. The newsstands sold better, but most were dubious, preferring you to waste the money on transportation, as you come repeatedly over the token.  

In the end, I decided that the little sales with the bookshops, plus the dignity associated with working with them, is far better. Plus, the book covers, exposed to the sun 24/7 at the newsstands, lose color and attraction so that any copies remaining may never be sold. 

Eventually, I discovered that the church was a far better place; there are music bands and choir groups in churches. There was a band leader who bought 20 copies and paid cash. In some churches, though, there were conservative pastors who thought the book teaches how to play secular music. And I wonder what is in the book points to the door of secularism. If you are going to school to study mathematics, it is all you are taught. No one teaches you “Christian Mathematics” -it is up to you to decide how you wish to use your knowledge. I hope the pastor sees this point.

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