Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Music Review: Reggae Blues by Harrysong

Reggae Blues Album of Harrysong

The song, “Reggae Blues” is, at the moment, one of the raving songs across Nigeria and perhaps beyond.

I was in a commercial vehicle when I heard the song for the first time. It was playing from a roadside speaker, placed there by a small music retailing studio. What struck me was the individuality of the melody.

The message in the lyrics makes suggestion to listener to play Blues after playing Reggae.  On a whole, the message urges the listener to find money, get booze and have fun.
There is a strong southeastern Nigerian influence in the song. You hear this from the accent of Harrysong, the artist. You also hear it from the strong percussion instrumentation. It is so strong one could say it is in the foreground, rather than the background.

From the ubiquity of the song, one could say that it has been highly received by music fans and the artist’s bank account is now bigger.

I am left constantly asking the question: what relationship has Reggae and Blues even when the song itself is neither Reggae nor Blues. It is more of southeastern folk music. I searched high and low for intellectual content. I am still searching.

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