Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Brother Africa 2009: Kevin gives out a huge portion of his price money as offering to the church

During Big brother 1, a South African Journalist, Mark Pilgrim, remarked that the show had done what politicians have not been able to do, which is uniting the continent and also painting an exact picture of the countries from where the inmates came. The additional fact that Pilgrim did not mention was that the contestants often come out bigger in fame and more revered than the politicians.

This was the situation when Kevin was received in Jos the Plateau State capital. Kevin arrived his native home of Jos in Plateau State Nigeria ten days after he was crowned the winner of the Big Brother Africa show for 2009. At the Maraban Jama’a (the people’s junction) where he was received, there was an amazing joyousness. Friends, relatives, women hawkers, filling station attendants, bus conductors etc, danced. The chilly Plateau weather of December simmered while the surrounding rocks watched. The same day, he was hosted on Global News on local TV, the PRTVC. Two days later he granted a press conference during which he mentioned that his greatest strength during the show were education and discipline which he attributed to his dad.

Kevin granted this interview after his thanks giving at his church, The Covenant World Christian Center. During the thanksgiving he made it clear that he gave out $20 000 of his $200 000 prize money from Big Brother Africa as offering to the church.

At Big Brother Africa show, he was not stunned by any of the inmates because of the strong faith which he has often had. But there are those who believe he won because him be fine boy. Kevin however disagrees.

At the House he said he loved someone but it did not grow into full-fledged romance.

In the press conference he granted at the press house at Hill Station Junction in Jos on December 18, Kevin mentioned that he intends to go into entertainment. He gave the details to News Tower. It included music, writing, emceeing and event management.

Kevin is one of three males from a total of nine children and is Berom by tribe from Du in Jos South of Plateau State. The Berom from Du are said to pride themselves as a special class of Berom people. The present Governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang is a Berom man from Du and is the first Berom man to have broken the jinx for his people. Other Nigerians have gone to the Big Brother Africa show without winning. Now a young Duyorkan is the first to have won for the country. Hence it could be said with certainty that the Berom from Du are indeed special. It could be sheer coincidence however.

According to Vincent, the elder brother, Kevin went to three primary schools which include Mafeng, Tender Foot and Nagode primary schools all in Jos. He then went to Federal Government College Kwali in Abuja. Later he was a student at the Plateau State Polytechnic where he obtained a Diploma in Law. Not satisfied with a diploma, he went to the University of Jos and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2006. He served in Port-Harcourt Rivers State during his National Youth Service Corps. During the national youth service he made his fifth attempt at Big Brother Africa and was successful. The rest is history.

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