Saturday, June 27, 2009

Song V: Jehovah is Your Name (in Hausa)

In na gan samaniya na yi mamaki (2x)
In na gan hasken rana na yi mamaki (2x)
In na gan farin wata na yi mama ki (2x)

Jehovah is your name (4x)

In na gan girman duniya na yi mamaki (2x)
In na gan yawan mutane na yi mamaki (2x)
In na gan girman teku na yi mamaki (2x)
Wannan halitu sun bani mamaki (2x)

Jehovah is your name (4x)

Yanzu na gaskanta Kaine Allah (2x)
Sarkin sarakuna (2x)
Allahn alloli (2x)
Zan bauta maka har abada (2x)

Jehovah is your name (4x)

Convenient repetitions are allowed
All songs written by Yiro Abari. Yiro is the publisher of News Tower Magazine and Offshoot Visions He also owns the blogs, News Tower Blog and Prime Dates He is also a contributing author to Ezine Articles and All voices.

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